East Grinstead (UK Parliament constituency)

East Grinstead was a parliamentary constituency in the Kingdom of England, the Kingdom of Great Britain, and the United Kingdom. It first existed as a Parliamentary borough from 1307, returning two Members of Parliament to the House of Commons elected by the bloc vote system. The borough was disfranchised under the Reform Act 1832, but the name was revived at the 1885 election when the Redistribution of Seats Act created a new single-member county division of the same name.

East Grinstead
Former County constituency
for the House of Commons
CountyEast Sussex
Major settlementsEast Grinstead
Number of membersOne
Replaced byMid Sussex and Wealden
Created fromEast Sussex
Number of membersTwo
Type of constituencyBorough constituency

Upon its abolition for the 1983 election, its territory was divided between Mid Sussex and Wealden.