Eastern Min

Eastern Min or Min Dong (traditional Chinese: 閩東語; simplified Chinese: 闽东语; pinyin: Mǐndōngyǔ, Foochow Romanized: Mìng-dĕ̤ng-ngṳ̄), is a branch of the Min group of Sinitic languages of China. The prestige form and most-cited representative form is the Fuzhou dialect, the speech of the capital of Fujian.[5]

Eastern Min
Min Dong (閩東語)
Foochowese (福州話)
"Bàng-uâ" in different dialects
[paŋ˨˩ŋuɑ˨˦˨] (Fuzhou)
[paŋ˥ŋuɑ˦˨] (Fuqing)
[paŋ˥˦˦ŋua˧˨˦] (Gutian)
[paŋ˧˩ŋuɑ˩˧˩] (Matsu)
[paŋ˨ɰo˧˧˨] (Ningde)
[paŋ˨ɰo˨˧] (Fu'an)
[paŋ˨ŋua˨˩˨] (Xiapu)
[paŋ˨˩ŋua˨˩˧] (Zherong)
Native toSoutheast China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, United States (chiefly New York City)
RegionEastern Fujian (Fuzhou and Ningde), Matsu; parts of Taishun and Cangnan, Wenzhou, Zhejiang
Native speakers
9.5 million (2007)[1]
Chinese characters and Foochow Romanized
Official status
Official language in
Matsu Islands, Taiwan (as local language[2])[3]
Recognised minority
language in
one of the statutory languages for public transport announcements in the Matsu Islands, Taiwan[4]
Language codes
ISO 639-3cdo
  Eastern Min