Edict of Amboise

The Edict of Amboise, also known as the Edict of Pacification, was signed at the Château of Amboise on 19 March 1563 by Catherine de' Medici, acting as regent for her son Charles IX of France. The Edict ended the first stage of the French Wars of Religion, inaugurating a period of official peace in France by guaranteeing the Huguenots religious privileges and freedoms. However, it was gradually undermined by continuing religious violence at a regional level and hostilities renewed in 1567.

Edict of Amboise
Peace negotiations at Amboise, 17th century engraving
Signed19 March 1563 (1563-03-19)
LocationChâteau of Amboise
NegotiatorsCatherine de' Medici
Anne de Montmorency
Catherine de' Medici

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