Effacer le tableau

Effacer le tableau (French pronunciation: [efɑse lə tablo], literally "erase the board" or "clean the slate") was the operational name given to the systematic extermination of the Bambuti pygmies by rebel forces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).[1]

Effacer le tableau
Part of Second Congo War and Violence against pygmies
Map of North Kivu within the DRC.
LocationNorth Kivu and Ituri Rainforest, Democratic Republic of the Congo
DateOctober 2002 to January 2003
Attack type
Genocidal massacre, Ethnic cleansing, cannibalism, war rape[1]
Deaths60,000[1][2] to 70,000[2]
(40% of the Eastern Congo's Pygmy population killed)[N 1]
VictimsBambuti pygmies
PerpetratorsMovement for the Liberation of Congo (Jean-Pierre Bemba)
MotiveTerritorial conquest of the North Kivu province of the DRC

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