Eger (Tisza)

Eger (Hungarian: Eger-patak; "Eger Stream") is the longest watercourse in and around the city Eger in Hungary. From the area by the village of Balaton, by the Vajda well, the stream flows through the valley of Eger between the Bükk and Mátra mountains.[1] After 68 kilometers in a south-easterly direction, the stream empties into Lake Tisza (Tisza) from the right side.[2] The length of the main branch is about 40 kilometers. Almost the entire area of the districts of Eger and Bélapátfalva lies in the catchment area of the watercourse, therefore it is a crucial component in the hydrography of the region. The stream is part of the Eger–Laskó–Csincse water system.[3]

Eger Stream in Eger
Physical characteristics
SourceClose to the village of Balaton
  coordinates48.1108°N 20.2884°E / 48.1108; 20.2884
  elevation360 m (1,180 ft)
Lake Tisza
47.6788°N 20.7131°E / 47.6788; 20.7131
83 m (272 ft)
Length68 km (42 mi)
Basin size1,379 km2 (532 sq mi)
  average3.237 m3/s (114.3 cu ft/s)
Basin features
ProgressionTiszaDanubeBlack Sea
  leftCsincse-patak, Kánya-patak, Tárkányi-patak, Gilitka-patak, Recska-patak
  rightAlmár-patak, Villói-patak, Bekölcei-patak

The stream is known by the name Rima (Rima-patak) in the lower reaches, downstream from the village of Nagytálya.