Egypt–European Union relations

Egypt–European Union relations are the foreign relations between the country of Egypt and the European Union.[1]

European Union–Egypt relations



Under the aegis of the Global Mediterranean Policy (GMP) launched in 1972, an agreement between the European Economic Community and Egypt was signed in January 1977.[2] The framework laid out by the 1995 Euro-Mediterranean Partnership paved the way for some modest advances in the EU–Egypt relations,[3] leading to a new association agreement signed on 25 June 2001 in the context of the Barcelona process, that entered into force in June 2004.[4] An EU–Egypt Action Plan also entered into force in 2007.[3]

The outbreak of the Arab Spring defied the traditional stability-driven policy conducted by the EU in the region, conveyed by the support to authoritarian rulers in office, including Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, eventually leading to a reassessment of the EU foreign policy in the region.[5]

Both sides share a common membership in the Union for the Mediterranean.

Chronology of relations with the EU

Date Event
25 June 2001The EU and Egypt sign an Association Agreement[6]
June 2004The Association Agreement enters into force[6]
March 2007The European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plan is adopted[6]
2016The EU and Egypt initiated a dialogue on future Partnership Priorities in line with the revised European Neighbourhood Policy[6]


  1. Although there has been a large degree of integration between European Union member states, foreign relations is still a largely intergovernmental matter, with the 28 members controlling their own relations to a large degree.[citation needed] However, with the Union holding more weight as a single bloc, there are at times[vague] attempts to speak with one voice, notably on trade and energy matters. The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy personifies this role.
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