Egyptian Liberal Party

The Egyptian Liberal Party (Albanian: Partia Liberale Egjiptiane, abbreviated PLE) is a political party in Kosovo, representing the Egyptian minority.[2] The party won the reserved seat for Egyptian minority in the Kosovan parliamentary election, 2014, having obtained 1,960 votes (0.27% of the total votes in the election).[2] PLE maintained the same representation in parliament until the 2021 election, during which it lost its sole seat.[3] PLE was represented in the Assembly of Kosovo by Veton Berisha.[2][4]

Egyptian Liberal Party
Partia Liberale Egjiptiane
LeaderVeton Berisha
IdeologyEgyptian minority interests
Seats in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo
0 / 120
Minority Seats reserved for the Romani, Ashkali, and Egyptians.
0 / 4
Election symbol