Elections (Fraudulent Conveyances) Act 1711

The Elections (Fraudulent Conveyances) Act 1711 (10 Ann c 31) was an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain.

The Elections (Fraudulent Conveyances) Act 1711[1]
Long titleAn Act for the more effectual preventing fraudulent Conveyances in order to multiply Votes for electing Knights of Shires to serve in Parliament.[2]
Citation10 Ann c 31
Status: Repealed

This Act is chapter 23 in Ruffhead's Edition[3]

The Elections (Fraudulent Conveyances) Act 1711, except for section 1, was repealed by section 1 of, and the Schedule to, the Statute Law Revision Act 1867.

The whole Act, so far as unrepealed, was repealed by section 47(1) of, and Schedule 8 to, the Representation of the People Act 1918.


  1. The citation of this Act by this short title was authorised by section 1 of, and Schedule 1 to, the Short Titles Act 1896. Due to the repeal of those provisions, it is now authorised by section 19(2) of the Interpretation Act 1978.
  2. These words are printed against this Act in the second column of Schedule 1 to the Short Titles Act 1896, which is headed "Title".
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