Electoral Act 1993

The Electoral Act 1993 is an act of the New Zealand Parliament for regulating elections in New Zealand.[1] It "establishes the electoral agencies, electoral system, election processes (including that for disputing results), how MPs are replaced between elections, registration processes for political parties and logos, enrolment and electoral roll requirements, and provides for the Māori Electoral option, and the Representation Commission."[2] One such agency is the Electoral Commission which is responsible, among other things, for the administration of parliamentary elections and referenda.

Electoral Act 1993
New Zealand Parliament
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Status: Current legislation

The Electoral Act forms part of the constitution of New Zealand.[citation needed] The regulations made under the Act contain most of New Zealand's electoral legislation.[3] The Act defined mixed-member proportional (MMP) representation for use in the 1993 electoral referendum, and it established MMP as the electoral system for the general election 1996.

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