Electronic waste in China

Electronic waste is a serious environmental issue in China. China is the largest importer of e-waste and is home to most of the world's largest dumpsites.[1] Rapid economic growth, coupled with the world's increasing demand for electronics has dramatically increased the amount of e-waste being disposed of. Roughly 70% of this global e-waste ends up in China.[2]

While the e-waste disposal sector is responsible for many jobs in rural Southeastern China, it has also posed environmental and health risks by releasing toxic pollutants.[3] Most of these risks arise from the fact that 60% of the e-waste is processed in informal recycling centers by unskilled ill-equipped manual labour.[4] This e-waste is often processed through crude, informal practices, causing serious environmental damage and permanent health risks in areas surrounding the disposal sites.[4] While the Chinese government and the international community have taken action to regulate e-waste management, ineffective enforcement has been an obstacle to mitigating the consequences of e-waste.

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