Embassy of Sweden, London

The Embassy of Sweden in London is the diplomatic mission of Sweden in the United Kingdom.[1]

Embassy of Sweden, London
LocationMarylebone, London
Address11 Montagu Place
London W1H 2AL
United Kingdom
Coordinates51°31′8″N 0°9′37.2″W
AmbassadorMikaela Kumlin Granit (since 2021)
WebsiteOfficial website



In the 1910s, the chancery building was located at 73 Portland Place.[2] By the 1920s, is had moved to 27 Portland Place.[3] In the early 1950s, it moved to 29 Portland Place.[4] In the late 1960s, it moved once again, this time to 23 North Row in Mayfair.[5] Since 1983, the chancery building is located at 11 Montagu Square in Marylebone, just down the road from the embassy of Switzerland.


The Swedish ambassador's residence is located is a separate building at 27 Portland Place. Sweden also maintains a Trade Council at 259-269 Old Marylebone Road, Marylebone.[6]

Heads of Mission

Dionysius Beurraeus1558-1561?
Jakob Spens1629-1632?
Christer Bonde1656-1657?
Christoffer Leijoncrona1703-1710Envoy
Carl Gyllenborg1710-1715Resident
Carl Gyllenborg1715-1717Minister
Carl Sparre1719–1720Envoy
Carl Sparre1720–1736Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary
Carl Magnus Wasenberg1736–1741Chargé d’affaires
Carl Magnus Wasenberg1741–1743Minister
Caspar Joachim Ringwicht1744–1748Minister
Edvard Carleson1748–1757Envoy
Gustaf Adam von Nolcken1763–1787Envoy
Gustaf Adam von Nolcken1787–1792Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary
Lars von Engeström1793–1795Envoy
Per Olof von Asp1795–1799Envoy
Göran Ulrik Silfverhielm1801–1802Chargé d’affaires
Göran Ulrik Silfverhielm1802–1802Minister Resident
Gotthard Mauritz von Rehausen1805–1807Minister (acting)
Carl Gustaf Adlerberg1807–1808Envoy
Carl Gustaf von Brinkman1808–1810Envoy
Gotthard Mauritz von Rehausen1812–1818Envoy
Gustaf Algernon Stierneld1818–1828Envoy
Magnus Björnstjerna1828–1846Envoy
Gotthard Mauritz von Rehausen1847–1854Envoy
Christian Adolf Virgin1854–1854Minister Plenipotentiary ad interim
Carl Hochschild1854–1857Envoy
Baltzar von Platen1857–1861Envoy
Carl Wachtmeister1861–1865Envoy
Carl Fredrik Hochschild1866–1876Envoy
Carl Edward Wilhelm Piper1877–1890Envoy
Henrik Åkerman1890–1895Envoy
Carl Lewenhaupt1895–1902Envoy
Carl Bildt1902–1905Envoy
Herman Wrangel1906–1920Envoy
Erik Palmstierna1920–1937Envoy
Hans Gustaf Beck-Friis1938–1938Chargé d’affaires (acting)
Björn Prytz1938–1947Envoy
Erik Boheman1947–1947Envoy
Erik Boheman1948–1958Ambassador
Gunnar Hägglöf1948–1967Ambassador
Leif Belfrage1967–1972Ambassador
Ole Jödahl1972-1976Ambassador
Olof Rydbeck1977–1979Ambassador
Per Lind1979–1982Ambassador
Leif Leifland1982-1991Ambassador
Lennart Eckerberg1991-1994Ambassador
Lars-Åke Nilsson1995-1996Ambassador
Mats Bergquist1997-2004Ambassador
Staffan Carlsson2004-2010Ambassador
Nicola Clase2010–2016Ambassador
Torbjörn Sohlström2016–presentAmbassador
Mikaela Kumlin Granit2021–presentAmbassador



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