Empire of Nicaea

The Empire of Nicaea or the Nicene Empire[1] is the conventional historiographic name for the largest of the three Byzantine Greek[2][3] rump states founded by the aristocracy of the Byzantine Empire that fled after Constantinople was occupied by Western European and Venetian forces during the Fourth Crusade, an event known as the Sack of Constantinople. Like the Empire of Trebizond and the Empire of Thessalonica, it claimed to be the continuation of the Roman Empire. A fourth state, known as the Latin Empire, ruled Constantinople and the surrounding environs and also claimed to be the rightful continuation of the Roman Empire.

Empire of Nicaea
The situation in The Eastern Roman Empire in 1209, 5 years after the Sack of Constantinople.
StatusRump state of the Byzantine Empire
CapitalNicaea (de jure)
Nymphaion (de facto)
Common languagesByzantine Greek
Greek Orthodoxy
Theodore I Laskaris
John III Doukas Vatatzes
Theodore II Laskaris
John IV Laskaris
Michael VIII Palaiologos
Historical eraHigh Middle Ages
July 1261
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Byzantine Empire (Angelos dynasty)
Byzantine Empire (Palaiologos dynasty)

Founded by the Laskaris family,[3] it lasted from 1204 to 1261, when the Nicenes restored the Byzantine Empire in Constantinople.