Empire of Vietnam

The Empire of Vietnam (Vietnamese: Đế quốc Việt Nam; Hán tự: 越南帝國; Japanese: ベトナム帝国) was a short-lived puppet state of Imperial Japan[1] governing the former French protectorates of Annam and Tonkin between March 11 and August 23, 1945.

Empire of Vietnam
Đế quốc Việt Nam (Vietnamese)
ベトナム帝国 (Japanese)[lower-alpha 1]
越南帝國 (Hán tự)[lower-alpha 2]
Motto: "Thống nhất – Độc lập"
(English: "Unification – Independence")
Anthem: Đăng đàn cung
The Emperor Mounts His Throne
Việt Nam minh châu trời Đông
Vietnam – Pearl of the Orient
Imperial seal
(Hoàng Đế chi bảo)
Dark Green: Empire of Vietnam
Light Green: Nominally part of the Empire but under direct Japanese control
StatusPuppet state of the Empire of Japan
Common languagesJapanese, Vietnamese
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
Bảo Đại
Prime Minister 
Trần Trọng Kim
Historical eraWorld War II
11 March 1945
23 August 1945
Currencyvăn, piastre
Preceded by
Succeeded by
French Indochina
Democratic Republic of Vietnam
French Indochina
  1. The contemporary Japanese name was Etsunan Teikoku (Kyūjitai: 越南帝國).
  2. The stamps from 1945 used 越南帝國 in Hán tự and Đế quốc Việt Nam in Chữ Quốc ngữ, although word order disagree between each other.