Encyclopedia Americana

Encyclopedia Americana is a general encyclopedia[2] written in American English. It was the first major multivolume encyclopedia that was published in the United States.[2] Following the acquisition of Grolier in 2000, the encyclopedia has been produced by Scholastic.

Encyclopedia Americana
AuthorFrancis Lieber (1800–1872)

The encyclopedia has more than 45,000 articles, most of them more than 500 words and many running to considerable length (the "United States" article is over 300,000 words). Americana is international in scope and is known for its detailed coverage of American and Canadian geography and history.[2] Americana is also known for its strong coverage of biographies, and scientific and technical subjects.[2] Written by 6,500 contributors, the Encyclopedia Americana includes over 9,000 bibliographies, 150,000 cross-references, 1,000+ tables, 1,200 maps, and almost 4,500 black-and-white line art and color images. It also has 680 factboxes. Major articles are signed by their contributors, many being scholars pre-eminent in their field.[2]

Long available as a 30-volume print set, the Encyclopedia Americana is now marketed as an online encyclopedia requiring a subscription. In March 2008, Scholastic said that print sales remained good but that the company was still deciding on the future of the print edition.[3] The company’s final print edition was released in 2006.[2]

The online version of the Encyclopedia Americana, first introduced in 1996,[2] continues to be updated and sold. This work, like the print set from which it is derived, is designed for high school and first-year college students along with public library users. It is available to libraries as one of the options in the Grolier Online reference service, which also includes the Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, intended for middle and high school students, and The New Book of Knowledge, an encyclopedia for elementary and middle school students. Grolier Online is not available to individual subscribers.