England national football B team

England B is a secondary football team run occasionally as support for the England national football team. At times they have played other nations' full teams; they have also played matches against 'B' teams from other football associations. Since the team's first use in 1947, there have been 54 official[1] and 3 unofficial[2] B team matches. It has been inactive since May 2007.

England B
Nickname(s)The Three Lions
AssociationThe Football Association
Head coachRichard Ellis Thomas
Most capsJoe Corrigan (10)
Top scorerBedford Jezzard (6)
Home stadiumN/A
First colours
Second colours
First international
  Switzerland 0–0 England 
(Geneva, Switzerland; 21 February 1947)
Biggest win
 Singapore 0–8 England 
(Singapore; 18 June 1978)
Biggest defeat
 France Espoirs 7–1 England 
(Le Havre, France; 22 May 1952)