Eric Flint bibliography

This is complete list of works by American science fiction and historical fiction author Eric Flint.


Non-fiction academic publication

  • Flint, Eric (1970). "Trade and Politics in Barotseland during the Kololo Period". The Journal of African History. 11 (1): 71–86. JSTOR 180217.

Belisarius series

Written in collaboration with David Drake, the series features historical characters, including Roman general Belisarius, whom the authors present as possibly the best general to ever walk the earth.

Novels in the series include:

  1. An Oblique Approach (1998), ISBN 0-671-87865-4
  2. In the Heart of Darkness (1998), ISBN 0-671-87885-9
  3. Destiny's Shield (1999), ISBN 0-671-57817-0
  4. Fortune's Stroke (2000), ISBN 0-671-57871-5
  5. The Tide of Victory (2001), ISBN 0-671-31996-5
  6. The Dance of Time (2006), ISBN 1-4165-0931-3

Assiti Shards universes

The Assiti Shards refers to a literary mechanism which exchanges one volume of space-time with another. This manifests as both a time-swap and place-swap for the two places affected. The literary technique can be read about in detail in Assiti Shards effect, but when it first reached print in 1632, the technique spawned a huge surge of fan interest which is continuing to grow[1] now well over twelve years later. Flint had at least two other milieus planned utilizing the mechanism in 2000, but because of demand for works in the 1632 universe, he temporarily shelved them through the period 2001–05. They were known to be in production for some intervals in some part and manner in 2005–06, but the death of Jim Baen or other projects has apparently delayed them.

A second Assiti Shard effects tale, Time Spike, was published in 2008 with a third Assiti Shard effects tale, The Alexander Inheritance, following in 2017.

In the late winter of 2005–06, Baen started listing all the 1632-verse books under the umbrella series title Assiti Shards series and continues to do so,[2] after previously listing them under Ring of Fire, for the only series thus far published, so 1632 (numbering 10 works in print, thirty Gazettes (XXX came out in October 2010[3]) and climbing rapidly bi-monthly) is currently listed on Baen's under the pseudo misnomer Assiti Shards series, of which there are (will be) four milieus planned, not just the original. Yet Amazon and Barnes and Noble lists "Ring of Fire" for some books in the series, and "Assiti Shards series" for others. As of early October 2007, the series name of the 1632 books is still confused; Barnes and Noble has seemingly grouped them under Ring of Fire series, Amazon and other web sellers are mixed, and the book covers of the last six hardcover releases avoid the question entirely on the dust jacket and artwork. At the moment, we use the term 1632 series, and other books in the series can be reached via that main article or by the navigation strip at the page bottom.

The 1632 series

Once also known on the internet as the 163x series, Baen for a time called the Ring of Fire series, and it is as frequently called the 1632 Universe or 1632verse; however it is named, it is a best-selling success. The alternate history series starts when the inhabitants of a small town in the United States find themselves transported back to Central Germany, in the late spring (May) of 1631 with no way back. The first book title results because while the tale builds in 1631, the climax occurs when events in the Thirty Years' War nearly overrun the town in 1632.

The Grantville Gazette began as an experimental eMagazine collated as an anthology featuring primarily fan fiction and non-fiction background essays similar to encyclopedia articles. These fact articles, which include reference sections, were developed by the various sub-committees of the very informal 1632 Research Committee and the input (feedback and criticisms) received on the internet web-forum 1632 Tech Manual which is part of Baen's Bar. These essays and the feedback were pertinent to the developing milieu along with input from other established authors—a massive case of collaborative fiction writing—the foundation for which was in turn in part being developed on Baen's Bar by those same fans commenting, manning the committees, doing research much like contributing to a wiki, and then submitting the results to peer review and criticism on 1632 Comments or 1632 Tech Manual. This is an ongoing process, as is the mining of said research and the primarily fan writing which is still ongoing.
The self-funding eMagazine Gazettes were edited by Eric Flint up through issue six (VI), who along with a volunteer Editorial Board, many members of which have been assisting him closely in designing the development of the milieu, building and running the canonical website and the many research topics leading to decisions within the whole collaboration. While now using his assistant and direct employee Paula Goodlett as an assistant editor, Flint retains full editorial control of the 1632 milieu and all its intellectual property rights.
The Grantville Gazette anthologies are also published by Baen, beginning with an initial publication as a serialized eMagazine over three months, followed by an e-book release (downloadable in various electronic formats) at, but a mass market trade paperback edition of the first issue was published as an experiment in November 2004. The first printing sold out, and reprintings followed. The second issue was released in a hardcover edition in early March 2006, and also sold well. Beginning with issue 11 the Grantville Gazette went pro. It went to a bimonthly schedule starting on May 1, 2007 and pays pro rates.
  • Grantville Gazette I, Issue 1 (Electronic edition Nov 2003, paper edition November 2004, both published under the title The Grantville Gazette)
  • Grantville Gazette II, Issue 2 (Electronic edition Mar 2004, hardcover edition March 2006)
  • Grantville Gazette III, Issue 3 (Electronic edition October 2004, hardcover edition January 2007)
  • Grantville Gazette IV, Issue 4 (Electronic edition mid April 2005, hardcover edition June 2008)
  • Grantville Gazette V, Issue 5 (Electronic edition August 2005, hardcover edition August 2009)
  • Grantville Gazette VI, Issue 6 (Electronic edition March 2006)
  • Grantville Gazette VII, Issue 7 (Electronic edition April 2006)
  • Grantville Gazette VIII, Issue 8 (Electronic edition July 2006)
  • Grantville Gazette IX, Issue 9 (Electronic edition September 2006)
  • Grantville Gazette X, Issue 10 (Electronic edition December 2006)
  • Grantville Gazette XI, Issue 11 (Electronic edition May 2007)
  • Grantville Gazette XII, Issue 12 (Electronic edition July 2007)
  • Grantville Gazette XIII, Issue 13 (Electronic edition September 2007)
As of June 2014, the bimonthly schedule is still going on and the last published issue is Grantville Gazette 76 (electronic edition March 2018).
Queen of the Seas series

The two book Queen of the Seas series is about a 21st century cruise ship that is transported back to 4th century BCE Mediterranean just after the death of Alexander the Great.

Other Assiti Shards universes

Other "Assiti Shards" universes which share only the time travel mechanism, but not the setting of the 1632 universe include the following novels:

  • Time Spike (May 2008) with Marilyn Kosmatka, ISBN 978-1-4165-5538-4.[9]
  • By Any Other Name—being co-authored by Sarah Hoyt (First draft complete and his part of the writing scheduled in Oct 2007 by Eric Flint for sometime the coming year; Publication date unknown, but no earlier than very late 2008).[10] This book has been stuck in development hell since 2007 with no word about its eventual publication.

Heirs of Alexandria series

(with Dave Freer and Mercedes Lackey) Set in an alternate "Venetian Empire" in which magic thrives. (Note, a significant amount of text, and a couple of major characters in this work are adapted from stories written by Lackey in the Merovingen Nights shared universe series. That series was started by C. J. Cherryh in her novel Angel with the Sword.)

Jao Empire series

Joe's World series

Karres series

Pyramid series

Rats, Bats and Vats series

Trail of Glory series

Boundary series

Castaway series

Demon Rift series

Further collaborations


Solo novels


Short fiction

Classic SF reissues edited by Eric Flint


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