Ernest Renan

Joseph Ernest Renan (French: [ʁənɑ̃]; 27 February 1823  2 October 1892)[2] was a French Orientalist and Semitic scholar, expert of Semitic languages and civilizations, historian of religion, philologist, philosopher, biblical scholar and critic.[3] He wrote influential and pioneering historical works on the origins of early Christianity,[3] and espoused popular political theories especially concerning nationalism and national identity. Renan is credited as being among the first scholars to advance the now-discredited[4] Khazar theory, which held that Ashkenazi Jews were descendants of the Khazars,[5] Turkic peoples who had adopted Jewish religion and migrated to Western Europe following the collapse of their khanate.[5]

Ernest Renan
Ernest Renan by Antoine Samuel Adam-Salomon, circa 1870s
Joseph Ernest Renan

(1823-02-28)28 February 1823
Died2 October 1892(1892-10-02) (aged 69)
Notable work
Life of Jesus (1863)
What Is a Nation? (1882)
Era19th-century philosophy
RegionWestern philosophy
SchoolContinental philosophy
Main interests
History of religion, philosophy of religion, political philosophy
Notable ideas
Civic nationalism[1]