Euphemia Lamb

Euphemia Lamb (née Annie Euphemia Forrest; 1887 1957)[2] was an English artists' model and the wife of painter Henry Lamb. She modelled for Augustus John and Jacob Epstein and came to exemplify the sexual freedom of the bohemian lifestyle of the early twentieth century.[2] Henry Lamb called her Euphemia, by which name she was generally known. John Maynard Keynes commented that Euphemia had more of a sex life "than the rest of us put together".[3] She was one of the lovers of the occultist Aleister Crowley.[4]

Euphemia Lamb
Euphemia by Ambrose McEvoy, oil on canvas, 1909, Tate Gallery.
Annie Euphemia Forrest[1]

Ormskirk, Lancashire, England[1]
Known forArtist's model
Saint Euphemia, Andrea Mantegna, tempera on canvas, 1454

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