Euroea (Epirus)

Euroea or Euroia (Ancient Greek: Εὔροια; also transcribed as Eurœa) was a city in Epirus, in western Greece, during late antiquity. It was abandoned in the early 7th century due to Slavic invasions. During the 4th–8th centuries, it was a bishopric. Since the 18th century, it has also been a titular see of the Catholic Church.


St. Donatus, bishop of Euroea, lived under Theodosius I (r. 379–395) and performed miracles, including providing a local settlement with abundant watersources (likely connected to the name "Euroea", "well-flowing").[1][2] A church dedicated to St. Donatus was erected, probably on the site of an ancient pagan temple (Omphalion).[1] The town belonged to the Roman province of Epirus vetus.[3]

Bishops of Euroea are attested at councils in the 5th and 6th centuries,[1] and the city is mentioned by Hierocles.[4] According to Procopius, Emperor Justinian I (r. 527–565) resettled the inhabitants of Euroea to an islet in a neighbouring lake and built there a strong city,[5] commonly thought to be on the site of Ioannina.[1]

As a result of the Slavic invasions, in 603 the Bishop of Euroea and the inhabitants, taking the relics of St. Donatus with them, fled to Kassiopi on Corfu.[1] The original site of Euroea is unclear: Michel Le Quien identified it with modern Paramythia, others with the nearby ancient settlement of Photice.[2] It is now tentatively located near the village of Glyky.[1][6][7]


The first (and only) mention of the bishopric in one of the Notitiae Episcopatuum is in the so-called "iconoclast notitia" (compiled some time after 787), where it is listed (as Εὐρόσου) as the second among the suffragans of the Metropolis of Nicopolis.[8]

The known bishops are:[3]

Catholic titular see

The Roman Catholic Church has established "Eurœa" (since 1933: "Eurœa in Epiro") as a titular see. Its incumbents are:[9]

  • Bishop Jean de Brunet de Pujols de Castelpers de Panat (1739.09.30 – ?)
  • Bishop Joachin Salvetti (艾若亞敬), O.F.M. (1815.02.21 – 1843.09.21)
  • Bishop Gabriel Grioglio, O.F.M. (1844.03.02 – 1891.01.09)
  • Bishop Salvatore di Pietro, S.J. (1893.01.03 – 1898.08.23)
  • Bishop Jean-Baptiste-Marie Budes de Guébriant (光若翰), M.E.P. (later Archbishop) (1910.08.12 – 1921.12.11)
  • Bishop Giovanni Battista Peruzzo, C.P. (later Archbishop) (1924.01.18 – 1928.10.19)
  • Bishop Pedro Dionisio Tibiletti (1929.01.25 – 1934.09.13)
  • Blessed Bishop Florentino Asensio Barroso (1935.11.11 – 1936.08.09)
  • Bishop Alfredo Del Tomba (1937.07.10 – 1944.08.10)
  • Bishop Ezio Barbieri (1945.07.21 – 1949.08.02)
  • Bishop Policarpo da Costa Vaz (高德華) (1950.04.17 – 1954.01.29)
  • Bishop João Pereira Venâncio, O.R.C. (1954.09.30 – 1958.09.13)
  • Bishop Alfonso Niehues (later Archbishop) (1959.01.08 – 1965.08.03)


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