Euromaidan Press

Euromaidan Press (EP) is an Internet-based English newspaper launched in 2014 by contributors from Ukraine, sponsored by the International Renaissance Foundation[1] and reader contributions. It shares its name with the Euromaidan movement in Ukraine. Registered as a non-governmental organization, its goal is to provide English-language material to those interested in military conflict in Ukraine, business issues, the Ukrainian economy, and tourism.

Euromaidan Press
TypeOnline newspaper
Founder(s)Alya Shandra
PublisherNGO Euromaidan Press
Staff writersUkrainian volunteers
OCLC number992513459
Free online archivesYes

The organization received positive reception, and was selected as a finalist in the category of "Best Video" in the 2016 Rockit Digital Communication Conference Awards. Their social media initiative #LetMyPeopleGo garnered 2nd place in a social media competition online. Euromaidan Press was discussed in the journal Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society, and the 2016 book The Return of the Cold War. It was used as a resource by books The Perfect Storm of the European Crisis, New Generation Political Activism in Ukraine, Online around the World, and Near Abroad.