Europa Press (news agency)

Europa Press is a Spanish news agency founded in 1953. It broadcasts news 24 hours a day, publishing 3,000 articles on average per day.

Europa Press
IndustryNews media
FounderTorcuato Luca de Tena y Álvarez Ossorio
ProductsWire service

It serves content to almost 2,000 clients, including the main Spanish media: radios; newspapers; televisions and national, autonomic and local digital media. Also, among its clients there are the High Statal Institutions, all Public Ministries, Autonomous Governments, Public Halls, Public Deputations and the rest of Public Administrations at all levels, political parties, business organizations, labor unions and the main companies and foundations. These informations -with both general and specialized character and served in text and audiovisual format- are one of the main information sources for mass media and press offices.

Europa Press has headquarters in every Spanish Autonomous Community and correspondents in each provincial capital. This allows the news agency to offer a very concrete informative product from local and autonomic issues, which is of key importance for institutions and companies.

Press offices hire Europa Press' services in order to be informed in real time about the general or concrete current situation of their working area. The agency also offers companies the possibility of publishing their own news in corporate webs and spread them through its intranet.