European Canadians

European Canadians (French: les Canadiens Européens), also known as Euro-Canadians, are Canadians with ancestry from Europe.[2][3][4] They form the largest panethnic group within Canada with roughly 73 percent of the population.

European Canadians
Total population
25,111,695 (2016 Census)
72.9% of the total Canadian population[1][nb 1]
Regions with significant populations
All areas of Canada
less prevalent in the North
Canadian English · Canadian French
Other European Languages
Historically: Scottish Gaelic · Irish
Protestantism · Roman Catholicism · Eastern Orthodoxy · Oriental Orthodoxy · Mormonism · Other Latter Day Saints · Nondenominational and Other Christians
Islam · Judaism
Related ethnic groups
European diaspora, Europeans, European Americans, European Australians, European New Zealanders, British (English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish), Irish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Ukrainian, Polish, Portuguese

European Canadians can further be classified into regional and ethnocultural subgroups. The census in Canada divides Canadians of European descent into four broad categories which, in alphabetical order, are: Eastern European Canadians, Northern European Canadians, Southern European Canadians and Western European Canadians.[1]