European Cross Country Championships

The European Cross Country Championships is an annual international cross country running competition. Organised by the European Athletic Association, it is the area championships for the region and is held in December each year. The championships was inaugurated in 1994 in Alnwick and the venue for the championships changes each year.

European Cross Country Championships
Action from the men's race in 2010
Genresports event
Inaugurated1994 (1994)
Organised byEAA

Unlike the World Championships for the sport, the European Cross Country Championships consists of six races in age categories, with separate senior, under-23, and junior races for both men and women. There are individual and national team medals awarded in each race. In the team competition, the top three from a team of up to six are scored.[1]


The first edition of the competition featured only senior races and 180 athletes took part. Men's and women's junior (under-20) races were introduced at the third edition in 1996 and under-23 races were added to the programme in 2006.[2]


1 1994 Alnwick  United Kingdom10 December223180
2 1995 Alnwick  United Kingdom2 December223186
3 1996 Charleroi  Belgium15 December225175
4 1997 Oeiras  Portugal14 December426138
5 1998 Ferrara  Italy13 December426139
6 1999 Velenje  Slovenia12 December427141
7 2000 Malmö  Sweden10 December431150
8 2001 Thun   Switzerland9 December427155
9 2002 Medulin  Croatia8 December427157
10 2003 Edinburgh  United Kingdom14 December427135
11 2004 Heringsdorf  Germany12 December427165
12 2005 Tilburg  Netherlands11 December427164
13 2006 San Giorgio su Legnano  Italy10 December621125
14 2007 Toro  Spain9 December626103
15 2008 Brussels  Belgium14 December633142
16 2009 Dublin  Ireland13 DecemberSantry Demesne630116
17 2010 Albufeira  Portugal12 DecemberAçoteias Cross Country Course634123
18 2011 Velenje  Slovenia11 December633130
19 2012 Szentendre  Hungary9 December635146
20 2013 Belgrade  Serbia8 December636155
21 2014 Samokov  Bulgaria14 DecemberBorovets635137
22 2015 Hyères-Toulon  France13 DecemberHippodrome de Hyères632147
23 2016 Chia  Italy11 December6153
24 2017 Šamorín  Slovakia10 DecemberŠamorín x-bionic® sphere737157
25 2018 Tilburg  Netherlands9 December738555
26 2019 Lisbon  Portugal8 December
2020 Dublin  Ireland13 December Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[3]
27 2021 Dublin  Ireland12 December
28 2022 Turin  Italy11 December La Mandria Park
  • nb Country and athlete figures for senior races only



Multiple champion Serhiy Lebid winning in 2008
Hayley Yelling winning the 2009 women's race
Year Men's senior race Women's senior race
1994  Paulo Guerra (POR)  Catherina McKiernan (IRL)
1995  Paulo Guerra (POR)  Annemari Sandell (FIN)
1996  Jon Brown (GBR)  Sara Wedlund (SWE)
1997  Carsten Jørgensen (DEN)  Joalsiae Llado (FRA)
1998  Serhiy Lebid (UKR)  Paula Radcliffe (GBR)
1999  Paulo Guerra (POR)  Anita Weyermann (SUI)
2000  Paulo Guerra (POR)  Katalin Szentgyörgyi (HUN)
2001  Serhiy Lebid (UKR)  Yamna Belkacem (FRA)
2002  Serhiy Lebid (UKR)  Helena Javornik (SLO)
2003  Serhiy Lebid (UKR)  Paula Radcliffe (GBR)
2004  Serhiy Lebid (UKR)  Hayley Yelling (GBR)
2005  Serhiy Lebid (UKR)  Lornah Kiplagat (NED)
2006  Mo Farah (GBR)  Tetyana Holovchenko (UKR)
2007  Serhiy Lebid (UKR)  Marta Domínguez (ESP)
2008  Serhiy Lebid (UKR)  Hilda Kibet (NED)
2009  Alemayehu Bezabeh (ESP)  Hayley Yelling (GBR)
2010  Serhiy Lebid (UKR)  Jessica Augusto (POR)
2011  Atelaw Yeshetela (BEL)  Fionnuala Britton (IRL)
2012  Andrea Lalli (ITA)  Fionnuala Britton (IRL)
2013  Alemayehu Bezabeh (ESP)  Sophie Duarte (FRA)
2014  Polat Kemboi Arikan (TUR)  Gemma Steel (GBR)
2015  Ali Kaya (TUR)  Sifan Hassan (NED)
2016  Aras Kaya (TUR)  Yasemin Can (TUR)
2017  Kaan Kigen Özbilen (TUR)  Yasemin Can (TUR)
2018  Filip Ingebrigtsen (NOR)  Yasemin Can (TUR)
2019  Robel Fsiha (SWE)  Yasemin Can (TUR)

Medal table

Updated after 2019, including the team rankings for each category and the mixed relay.

# Country Total
1 United Kingdom19211555
2 Portugal16161648
3 Spain14191851
4 France13151442
5 Turkey12070423
6 Ukraine10010314
7 Ireland04020309
8 Netherlands04010207
9 Russia03030107
10 Sweden02040410
11 Italy02010609
12 Romania01060310
13 Belgium01040207
14 Norway01010406
15 Finland01010103
16  Switzerland01010002
17 Hungary01000102
18 Denmark01000001
20 Germany00010304
21 Belarus00010102
23 Czech Republic00010001
24 Serbia00000505
Total (24 nations)107107107321

Under 23

Medal table

Only individual gold medals (men and women). Update at 2019 edition.

1 France (FRA)6006
2 Great Britain (GBR)5005
3 Turkey (TUR)4004
4 Belgium (BEL)3003
5 Denmark (DEN)2002
6 Germany (GER)1001
 Hungary (HUN)1001
 Italy (ITA)1001
 Netherlands (NED)1001
 Norway (NOR)1001
 Poland (POL)1001
 Romania (ROU)1001
 Russia (RUS)1001
Totals (13 nations)280028

Under 20


1997 Gert-Jan Liefers Günther Weidlinger Mustafa Mohamed  Spain Portugal Romania
1998 Yousef El Nasri Ovidiu Tat Gareth Turnbull  Spain United Kingdom Romania
1999 Hans Janssens Guillaume Eraud Turo Inkiläinen  United Kingdom France Ireland
2000 Wolfram Müller Christopher Thompson Martin Pröll  Portugal United Kingdom France
2001 Vasyl Matviychuk Mo Farah Stefano Scaini  United Kingdom Portugal France
2002 Yevgeniy Rybakov Anatoliy Rybakov Halil Akkaş  Russia France Italy
2003 Yevgeniy Rybakov Anatoliy Rybakov Aleksey Reunkov  Russia Romania Spain
2004 Barnabás Bene Yevgeniy Rybakov Anatoliy Rybakov  Russia Ireland United Kingdom
2005 Barnabás Bene Andrew Vernon Dušan Markešević  Poland United Kingdom Romania
2006 Andrea Lalli Siarhei Chebiarak Ciprian Suhanea  Italy Spain France
2007 Mourad Amdouni Florian Carvalho Dmytro Lashyn  France United Kingdom Germany
2008 Florian Carvalho Sondre Nordstad Moen Hassan Chahdi  France Norway United Kingdom
2009 Jeroen D'Hoedt Nick Goolab James Wilkinson  United Kingdom France Norway
2010 Abdelaziz Merzougui Nemanja Cerovac Rui Pinto  United Kingdom Portugal Russia
2011 Ilgizar Safiullin Richard Goodman[disambiguation needed] Vladimir Nikitin  United Kingdom Russia France
2012 Szymon Kulka Mitko Tsenov Kieran Clements  Russia France United Kingdom
2013 Ali Kaya Isaac Kimeli Mikhail Strelkov  France Russia Italy
2014 Yemaneberhan Crippa Carlos Mayo Said Ettaqy  Italy Spain Turkey
2015 Yemaneberhan Crippa Fabien Palcau El Madhi Lahoufi  France Italy United Kingdom
2016 Jakob Ingebrigtsen Yohanes Chiappinelli Mahamed Mahamed  France Spain United Kingdom
2017 Jakob Ingebrigtsen Ramazan Barbaros Louis Gilavert  Spain France Turkey
2018 Jakob Ingebrigtsen Ouassim Oumaiz Elzan Bibić  Norway United Kingdom Germany
2019 Jakob Ingebrigtsen Ayetullah Aslanhan Efrem Gidey  United Kingdom Norway Portugal
2020 Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic


1997 Sonja Stolić Monica Rosa Judith Heise  Germany Serbia and Montenegro United Kingdom
1998 Katalin Szentgyörgyi Inês Monteiro Sonja Stolić  Turkey Belgium Romania
1999 Inês Monteiro Nicola Spirig Ane Marie Moutsinga  Turkey Portugal Belgium
2000 Jessica Augusto Nicola Spirig Elvan Can  United Kingdom Turkey Sweden
2001 Elvan Abeylegesse Tatyana Chulakh Snezana Kostic  Russia United Kingdom Turkey
2002 Charlotte Dale Elina Lindgren Galina Yegorova  United Kingdom Russia Belgium
2003 Inna Poluškina Snežana Kostić Charlotte Dale  United Kingdom Russia Germany
2004 Binnaz Uslu Ancuţa Bobocel Marta Romo  Romania United Kingdom Russia
2005 Ancuţa Bobocel Emily Pidgeon Susan Kuijken  United Kingdom Romania Russia
2006 Stephanie Twell Karoline Bjerkeli Grovdal Ancuţa Bobocel  United Kingdom Russia Romania
2007 Stephanie Twell Danuta Urbanik Charlotte Purdue  United Kingdom Russia Ukraine
2008 Stephanie Twell Charlotte Purdue Lauren Howarth  United Kingdom Ukraine Russia
2009 Karoline Grøvdal Gulshat Fazlitdinova Kate Avery  Russia United Kingdom Germany
2010 Charlotte Purdue Amela Terzić Emelia Gorecka  United Kingdom Germany Romania
2011 Emelia Gorecka Ioana Doaga Amela Terzić  United Kingdom Russia Germany
2012 Amela Terzić Emelia Gorecka Maya Rehberg  United Kingdom Germany Russia
2013 Emelia Gorecka Sofia Ennaoui Maruša Mišmaš  United Kingdom Sweden Germany
2014 Emine Hatun Tuna Jessica Judd Lydia Turner  United Kingdom France Germany
2015 Konstanze Klosterhalfen Harriet Knowles-Jones Alina Reh  Germany United Kingdom Denmark
2016 Konstanze Klosterhalfen Anna Emilie Møller Harriet Knowles-Jones  United Kingdom Germany Netherlands
2017 Harriet Knowles-Jones Lili Tóth Miriam Dattke  United Kingdom Italy Spain
2018 Nadia Battocletti Delia Sclabas İnci Kalkan  United Kingdom Netherlands Turkey
2019 Nadia Battocletti Klara Lukan Mariana Machado  United Kingdom Italy France
2020 Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Medal table

The Norwegian Jakob Ingebrigtsen, four gold medal in the Under-20 male race (this is 2018 finish).
The Italian Nadia Battocletti, two gold medal in the Under-20 female race (this is 2019 finish).
1 Great Britain (GBR)30181664
2 Russia (RUS)9121031
3 France (FRA)79723
4 Italy (ITA)74415
5 Norway (NOR)64111
6 Turkey (TUR)63716
7 Spain (ESP)55414
8 Germany (GER)531119
9 Portugal (POR)36312
10 Hungary (HUN)3104
11 Romania (ROU)25916
12 Serbia (SRB)24410
13 Belgium (BEL)2226
14 Poland (POL)2204
15 Netherlands (NED)1124
 Ukraine (UKR)1124
17 Latvia (LAT)1001
18  Switzerland (SUI)0303
19 Sweden (SWE)0224
20 Austria (AUT)0213
21 Ireland (IRL)0134
22 Denmark (DEN)0112
 Finland (FIN)0112
 Slovenia (SLO)0112
25 Belarus (BLR)0101
26 Yugoslavia (YUG)0011
Totals (26 nations)929292276


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