European Democratic Alliance

The European Democratic Alliance was a heterogeneous political group in the European Parliament between 1984 and 1995. It consisted mainly of deputies from the French Gaullist Rally for the Republic (RPR) and the Irish Fianna Fáil.[9] The grouping had a generally centre-right outlook, and strongly defended the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy.[10]

European Democratic Alliance
European Parliament group
NameEuropean Democratic Alliance[1]
English abbr.EDA[1][2]
French abbr.RDE[3]
Formal nameGroup of the European Democratic Alliance[2][4][5]
IdeologyConservatism, Gaullism, National conservatism, Regionalism
Political positionCentre-right
From24 July 1984[3]
To6 July 1995[3]
Preceded byEuropean Progressive Democrats
Succeeded byUnion for Europe
Chaired byJean-Claude Pasty[5]
Christian de La Malène[4]
MEP(s)29 (July 23, 1984)[6]
20 (July 25, 1989)[7]
26 (July 19, 1994)[8]