Multinational Medical Coordination Centre/European Medical Command

The Multinational Medical Coordination Centre/European Medical Command (MMCC/EMC) is a medical coordinating centre in support of the European medical services [1]. It is directly subordinated to the German Armed Forces Joint Medical Service Command and the German Surgeon General. It was formed on 1st April 2018 in the Rhine-Barracks, Koblenz, Germany, where it also has its HQ.

Multinational Medical Coordination Centre / European Medical Command
Coat of arms of the MMCC/EMC
ActiveApril 2018
CountryGermany, Rhineland-Palatinate
AllegianceEuropean Medical Services (DoI)
TypeMedical Unit
Garrison/HQRhein-Kaserne, Koblenz
Motto(s)"Combining Efforts in Medical Support"
Brigadier General (MD) Stefan Kowitz


On 2nd May 2017, the Surgeon Generals from eight European NATO members states signed a fundamental document towards an intensified and sustainable cooperation within the context of NATO's Framework Nations Concept (FNC) Cluster Medical Support. After signing this Declaration of Intent at the cornerstone-laying ceremony at the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz, Germany, a collective planning and coordinating unit for European Armed Forces was going to be formed - the Multinational Medical Coordination Centre. To support the collaboration of Medical Commands on a multinational level in an effective and goal-oriented way, this Multinational Coordination Centre was set up under the lead management on the German Armed Forces Joint Medical Service Command and is run together with all participating nations. The multinational staffed department started working in April 2018. In the following year, the cooperation with the Centre of Excellence in Military Medicine (MilMedCoE) regarding some fields was intensified. Also, the British Defence Medical Service (DMS) joined the MMCC as the then ninth member.

In 2019, the PESCO project European Medical Command (EMC)[2] was ordered to work with the MMCC by the German General Surgeon. This meant virtually merging both projects into one entity, and setting up staff for both at the same time - following the motto “two initiatives – one task”. Consequentially, the MMCC/EMC was formed, celebrating its Initial Operation Capability (IOC) on 3rd and 4th September with an opening ceremony at the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and Rhine-Barracks both in Koblenz, Germany. Here, the Surgeon Generals of 14 nations signed a Declaration merging both organizations, the MMCC (NATO/FNC) and EMC (EU/PESCO), into one: MMCC/EMC. This unique department proves the growing cooperation between NATO and the EU. Signing the Declaration of Initial Operational Capability MMCC/EMC during the COMEDs Plenary in Brussels on 27th Nov 2019, Slovakia became the 15th member nation. In the course of 2020, Poland, Spain and Lithuania also signed the Declaration on the Initial Operational Capability of the MMCC/EMC, so that currently 18 nations are member states of the MMCC/EMC.

Through its recent agreement with the United States Army the Multinational Medical Coordination Center/ European Medical Command (MMCC/EMCy) is tightening its network of international contacts once again. On May 11, 30th Medical Brigade Commander Colonel Jason Wieman and MMCC/EMC Director Surgeon General Dr. Stefan Kowitz signed the protocol for the assignment of a United States Army Europe and Africa (USAREUR-AF) Liaison Officer to MMCC/EMC in Koblenz.[3]


The main mission of the MMCC/EMC is the creation of the necessary conditions for the multinational medical support of Armed Forces within their wide range of tasks, supporting the already growing development towards more international cooperation. It also functions as a catalyst for the field of Capability Enhancement.

Specific tasks include:

  • Setting up a resource-saving network of existing and new specialists and respectively coordinating this hub,
  • Maintaining a coordinating function in multinational Capability Enhancement within the Framework Nations Concept Cluster Medical Support,
  • Working together with military units and NATO departments, the EU and other national and international organizations and task forces in the Medical Capability Enhancement [4] [5] as well as setting up Larger Formations. [6]


Subordinated to Director MMCC/EMC

  • Directory – Leading/Steering
    • Deputy Director NATO & EU matters
    • Executive Officer
      • Support Element – Coordination & Support
      • Branch Operations/Plans
      • Branch Wargaming/Exercises
      • Branch Medical Logistics
      • Branch Force Health Protection
      • Branch Civil-Military Interface


Nr. Name Country Commencement of post End of post
2 Brigadier General (MD) Stefan Kowitz  Germany August 2019 ongoing
1 Brigadier General (MD) Bruno Most  Germany April 2018 Juli 2019
Deputy Director NATO Matters
Nr. Name Country Commencement of post End of post
1 Colonel Jürgen Muntenaar [7]  Netherlands Mai 2021 ongoing
Deputy Director EU Matters
Nr. Name Country Commencement of post End of post
1 Colonel (MD) Thierry Lanteri  France September 2020 ongoing
Executive Officer (XO)
Nr. Name Country Commencement of post End of post
3 Colonel (GS) Jochen Thumser  Germany November 2019 ongoing
2 Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Jäckel  Germany August 2018 Oktober 2019
1 Colonel (MD) Egon Ritter  Germany April 2018 Juli 2018

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