European Parliamentary Labour Party

The European Parliamentary Labour Party (EPLP) was the parliamentary party of the British Labour Party in the European Parliament. The EPLP was part of the pan-European Group of Socialists and Democrats (S&D), (with MEPs from sister parties such as the French Parti Socialiste, the German SPD, the Swedish Social Democrats and Dutch Labour Party), and which is the parliamentary wing of the Party of European Socialists (PES), to which Labour was (and remains) affiliated.

Like other national delegations, the EPLP had its own leadership and spokespeople representing Labour in Brussels and Strasbourg (and the EPLP in the UK).

The EPLP ceased to exist after the UK left the European Union in January 2020. In the final Parliament prior to Brexit Labour had 10 Members of the European Parliament.


The leader of the EPLP had a seat on the Labour Party National Executive Committee and attended shadow cabinet meetings.

List of Leaders of the European Parliamentary Labour Party

Name Years as Leader
Michael Stewart 1975–1976
John Prescott 1976–1979
Barbara Castle 1979–1985
Alf Lomas 1985–1987
David Martin 1987–1988
Barry Seal 1988–1989
Glyn Ford 1989–1993
Pauline Green 1993–1994
Wayne David 1994–1998
Alan Donnelly 1998–1999
Simon Murphy 1999–2002
Gary Titley 2002–2009
Glenis Willmott 2009–2017
Richard Corbett 2017–2020

Positions in the European Parliament and related bodies

Labour figures held, over the years of UK membership, a number of key positions in the EU, including many held by Labour MEPs in the European Parliament. These included:

EPLP members were frequently elected as the S&D Group's Committee Co-ordinators, acting as spokespeople for the Group in their respective parliamentary committees and on the subjects they covered.