European School, Luxembourg I

The European School, Luxembourg I was the first of the European Schools. It was founded in October 1953 on the initiative of officials of the European Coal and Steel Community, with the support of the Community's institutions and the government of Luxembourg. In April 1957, it formally became the first of the European Schools. Today it is located on the Kirchberg-Plateau in Luxembourg City.[3]

European School, Luxembourg I
Schola Europaea
23 Boulevard Konrad Adenauer


Coordinates49°37′38″N 6°09′11″E
TypeEuropean School
DirectorMartin Wedel (Germany)[1]
Age range4 to 18
Enrolment3,333[2] (2019-2020)
Student Union/AssociationThe Pupils' Committee
Sister Schools12 European Schools
DiplomaEuropean Baccalaureate