Eutelsat 33C

Eutelsat 133 West A (formerly Eurobird 1, Eutelsat 28A, and Eutelsat 33C) is a Eutelsat operated Eurobird satellite, used primarily for digital television. It was launched in March 2001, and after a short period testing at 33°E, joined Eutelsat 2F4 at 28.5°E in the Clarke Belt, just within the range of satellite dishes pointed at SES' Astra 2 satellites at 28.2° east. It moved to 33° east and joined Eutelsat 33B in July 2015. Then it was moved to 133° west.

Eutelsat 133 West A
NamesEurobird 1 (2001-12)
Eutelsat 28A (2012-2015)
Eutelsat 33C (2015-?)
Eutelsat 133 West A (?-)
Mission typeCommunications
COSPAR ID2001-011A
SATCAT no.26719
Mission duration12 years
Spacecraft properties
BusSpacebus 3000B2
ManufacturerAlcatel Space
Launch mass2,950 kilograms (6,500 lb)
BOL mass1,810 kilograms (3,990 lb)
Power5,900 watts
Start of mission
Launch date8 March 2001, 22:51 (2001-03-08UTC22:51Z) UTC[1]
RocketAriane 5G V140
Launch siteKourou ELA-3
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
Longitude133° West (?-)
33° East (2015-?)
28.5° East (2001-2015)
TWTA power90 watts