Evangelical Orthodox Church

The Evangelical Orthodox Church (EOC), founded on January 15, 1979, is a small Christian syncretic denomination established by former leaders of Campus Crusade for Christ, who, reacting against the freewheeling Jesus People movement, developed their own synthesis of Evangelicalism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Shepherding Movement principles.[3][4][5][6]

Evangelical Orthodox Church
ClassificationChristian Syncretic
OrientationProtestant Eastern ChristianEastern Orthodox/Protestant (Charismatic and Evangelical)
BishopJerold Gliege
RegionUnited States, Canada, parts of Africa and Sweden[2]
LiturgyByzantine Rite (optional)
HeadquartersSaskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
FounderPeter E. Gillquist, other unnamed Former Campus Crusade for Christ members
Official websiteevangelicalorthodox.org/home