Exarchate of Ravenna

The Exarchate of Ravenna or of Italy (Latin: Exarchatus Ravennatis) was a lordship of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) in Italy, from 584 to 751, when the last exarch was put to death by the Lombards.[1] It was one of two exarchates established following the western reconquests under Emperor Justinian to more effectively administer the territories, along with the Exarchate of Africa.

Exarchate of Ravenna
Exarchatus Ravennatis
Exarchate of the Byzantine Empire

Map of the Exarchate of Ravenna within the Byzantine Empire in 600 AD.
Historical eraEarly Middle Ages
 Lombard invasion of Italy
 Foundation of Exarchate
 Death of Eutychius
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Praetorian prefecture of Italy
Republic of Venice
Kingdom of the Lombards
Papal States