Expedition of Dhat al-Riqa

The expedition of Dhat al-Riqa took place in July AD 625 (or April 626, Muharram AH 5 of the Islamic calendar according to al-Waqidi),[4] or after the Battle of Khaybar in AD 628, i.e. AH 7 of the Islamic calendar.[5] Two Quran verses, 5:11 and 4:101, are related to this event.[6][7][8]

Expedition of Dhat al-Riqa
DateJuly 625 AD or AD 628 in 3rd month of AH 7 (Islamic calendar)
  • Enemy escapes (some sources claim treaty was signed)[1][2]
Muslims of Medina Banu Ghatafan
Commanders and leaders
Muhammad Unknown
400 or 800[2][3] Unknown