An exurb (alternately: exurban area) is an area outside the typically denser inner suburban area of a metropolitan area, which has an economic and commuting connection to the metro area, low housing density, and growth. It shapes an interface between urban and rural landscapes holding an urban nature for its functional, economic, and social interaction with the urban center, due to its dominant residential character.[1] They consist of "agglomerations of housing and jobs outside the municipal boundaries of a primary city"[2] and beyond its suburbs.[3]

Exurban-style density along the Pennsylvania–Maryland–Delaware border, part of Philadelphia metropolitan area. There is continuous exurban development from north of Boston to south of Richmond, Virginia, in the Northeast megalopolis.
Exurban development (left side) blends into suburban development (right side) in Loudoun County, Virginia, in the western part of the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area.

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