FIFA Women's World Cup qualification

FIFA Women's World Cup qualification is the process a national women's association football team goes through to qualify for the FIFA Women's World Cup.

Qualifying tournaments are held within the six FIFA continental zones (Africa, Asia, North and Central America and Caribbean, South America, Oceania, Europe), and are organized by their respective confederations. For each tournament, FIFA decides beforehand the number of berths awarded to each of the continental zones, based on the relative strength of the confederations' teams. The hosts of the World Cup receive an automatic berth in the finals. For the 2015 and 2019 FIFA Women's World Cups, the number of finalists increased from 16 to 24.[1] By 2023, the number will be 32.[2]

Qualification berths by continent

Teams in qualifying
Year Teams

The table below lists the numbers of berths allocated by FIFA for each continent in each tournament.

Places in the intercontinental play-offs are indicated by fractional (".5") representations. Intercontinental play-offs are played as two home-and-away matches. The team that scores a greater aggregate number of goals qualifies for the World Cup. Away goals rule applies. If these rules fail to determine the winner, extra time and penalty shootouts are used.

"H" denotes an automatic spot for the host. Places in intercontinental play-offs are represented as fractions, with a place in a direct play-off being counted as 0.5 spots.

Places allocated for continents
Continental zone 1991

Africa 112222334
Asia 3232.5+H2.5+H3555+H
Oceania 111111110+H
Europe 54+H6554.5+H88+H11
North and Central America
and Caribbean
South America 111.52222.52.53
Play-off tournament did not exist 3
Total 121216161616242432
  • 1 In 1991, China PR hosted the tournament, but the location was determined after Asian qualifying had been completed.
  • 2 Originally to be held in China PR, the tournament was moved to the United States. China retained its automatic qualifying status as original host.

Qualification competition entrants over time

Entrants in continental qualifying tournaments[3][4]
Continental zone 1991









Africa 8815223524262444
Asia 9411181717202431
Oceania 3361010841110
Europe 183016116125141464651
North and Central America
and Caribbean
South America 3510101010101010
Total 49556998129126134143>176
Teams played 45526684109119130104
Matches played 111135152195263355406392
Goals scored 4456558038671,0321,4361,6861,562
  • 1 Only teams in European Class A could qualify for the Women's World Cup finals. Other sides could at best be promoted to Class A for subsequent tournament.
  • 2 A second Guatemalan side also competed, but their matches are not included in the list.
  • 3 The United States (eventual hosts of the finals) competed in the qualifying tournament.

First appearance in qualification by team

Listed are the first appearance in the qualifying stages by a national team.[3] Teams that entered for the first time but withdrew before playing a match are written in italics.

WC Europe South America North, Central America and Caribbean Asia Africa Oceania Total

 Northern Ireland
 Republic of Ireland
 Costa Rica
 Trinidad and Tobago
 United States
 China PR
 Chinese Taipei
 Hong Kong
 North Korea
 South Korea
 New Zealand
 Papua New Guinea

 Czech Republic
 FR Yugoslavia
nonenone Angola
 Sierra Leone
 South Africa

none Colombia
 El Salvador
 Puerto Rico
 DR Congo
 American Samoa

 Moldovanone Bahamas
 Dominican Republic
 Saint Lucia
 U.S. Virgin Islands
 Equatorial Guinea
 Ivory Coast
 São Tomé and Príncipe
 Cook Islands

 Serbia and Montenegro
none Antigua and Barbuda
 British Virgin Islands
 Cayman Islands
 Netherlands Antilles
 Saint Kitts and Nevis
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
 Turks and Caicos Islands
 Central African Republic
 New Caledonia
 Solomon Islands

 Bosnia and Herzegovina
none Anguilla

 Faroe Islands
nonenone Bahrain
 Burkina Faso
 South Sudan

nonenone Iraq
 United Arab Emirates
 New Caledonia9

 Cyprusnone Afghanistan
 South Sudan

National teams results in World Cup preliminary competition (1991-2019)

Team has won the World Cup
Team has qualified for the main tournament through a qualifying process
Team has not qualified for the main tournament
Team is not a member of FIFA and is not eligible for the main tournament (Martinique and Guadeloupe)
No.[n 1] Team App's[n 2] Overall qualification record Points[n 3] Confederation
Pld W D L GF GA GD Total point Avg
1  Norway 8685675223391841752.574UEFA
2  Germany 7615623275242511702.787UEFA
3  Sweden 8635355226371891642.603UEFA
4  England 872461214206461601502.083UEFA
5  Denmark 870451312219521671482.114UEFA
6  Italy 876451318196631331481.947UEFA
7  France 7564178162361261302.321UEFA
8  Nigeria 8464222177191581282.783CAF
9  Brazil 8444112248192291242.818CONMEBOL
10  Netherlands 864381016160571031241.937UEFA
11  Russia 7563671312772551152.054UEFA
12  Spain 860341115175571181131.883UEFA
13  Scotland 7563251914781661011.804UEFA
14  Iceland 75630101613157741001.786UEFA
15  Trinidad and Tobago 855316181819784991.800CONCACAF
16   Switzerland 8703093113711819991.414UEFA
17  United States 73332011845179962.909CONCACAF
18  Japan 845306917029141962.133AFC
19  Ukraine 7602810221189226941.567UEFA
20  Poland 860296251129022931.550UEFA
21  Finland 860289231007921931.550UEFA
22  China PR 839294615420134912.333AFC
23  Argentina 748276151156550871.813CONMEBOL
24  Hungary 864251029122139-17851.328UEFA
25  New Zealand 83228042529243842.265OFC
26  Czech Republic (1993-)
 Czechoslovakia (1991-1992)
27  Australia 837257517018152822.216OFC
28  South Africa 644256131256164811.841CAF
29  Haiti 64426216997623801.818CONCACAF
30  Costa Rica 743261161096841791.837CONCACAF
31  Canada 731260515519136782.516CONCACAF
32  Republic of Ireland 75023720705416761.520UEFA
33  Belgium 8622373212611511761.226UEFA
34  Jamaica 643233171537677721.674CONCACAF
35  Serbia (2006-)
Serbia and Montenegro (2003-2006)
Yugoslavia (1992-2003)
36  Romania 7561913241197940701.250UEFA
37  Mexico 841223161118328691.683CONCACAF
38  Cameroon 74120912695514691.683CAF
39  North Korea 632215614019121682.215AFC
40  Ghana 73522211723438681.943CAF
41  Slovakia 75221328101956661.269UEFA
42  Wales 7501882479100-21621.240UEFA
43  Thailand 733192127793-16591.788AFC
44  Colombia 63417710756114581.706CONMEBOL
45  Austria 54017419786711551.375UEFA
46  Israel 6511743051125-74551.078UEFA
47  Portugal 7521733283122-39541.038UEFA
48  South Korea 834158111015150531.559AFC
49  Belarus 6481542975114-39491.021UEFA
50  Vietnam 52816012905733481.714AFC
51  Papua New Guinea 8321601671135-64481.500OFC
52  Chinese Taipei 8311451257534471.516AFC
53  Croatia 6481292751107-56450.938UEFA
54  Chile 834126165968-9421.235CONMEBOL
55  Ecuador 633126154980-31421.273CONMEBOL
56  Guatemala 526130135355-2391.500CONCACAF
57  Jordan 3201217963858371.850AFC
58  Paraguay 625121125152-1371.480CONMEBOL
59  Slovenia 5381202646147-101360.947UEFA
60  Myanmar 5261121361547351.346AFC
61  Panama 423112105457-3351.522CONCACAF
62  Uzbekistan 62211110645410341.545AFC
63  Mali 42897123651-15341.214CAF
64  Algeria 42110382934-5331.571CAF
65  Turkey 535103225199-48330.943UEFA
66  Dominican Republic 51692536288291.813CONCACAF
67  Ivory Coast 521611432275291.381CAF
68  Cuba 3189184852-4281.556CONCACAF
69  Northern Ireland 53875262394-71260.684UEFA
70  Saint Kitts and Nevis 4158163940-1251.667CONCACAF
71  Antigua and Barbuda 42381141970-51251.087CONCACAF
72  Greece 745813643151-108250.556UEFA
73  Bosnia and Herzegovina 648743730181-151250.521UEFA
74  DR Congo 4187382933-4241.333CAF
75  Puerto Rico 5197394967-18241.263CONCACAF
76  Estonia 643733332169-137240.558UEFA
77  Zimbabwe 31372421912231.769CAF
78  Bermuda 3187293351-18231.278CONCACAF
79  Peru 62765162460-36230.851CONMEBOL
80  Equatorial Guinea 52064103451-17221.100CAF
81  Saint Lucia 5167183156-25221.375CONCACAF
82  Philippines 62171133787-50221.048AFC
83  Hong Kong 72371151980-61220.957AFC
84  Albania 22463151981-62210.875UEFA
85  Senegal 51562723194201.333CAF
86  Guyana 3156272943-14201.333CONCACAF
87  Zambia 52055102647-21201.000CAF
88  Fiji 3156273463-29201.333OFC
89  Bulgaria 534552419128-99200.588UEFA
90  Uruguay 62553172374-51180.720CONMEBOL
91  Faroe Islands 224531619101-82180.750UEFA
92  Kazakhstan 537532921114-93180.487UEFA
93  Tanzania 4174582942-13171.000CAF
94  Venezuela 72452172579-54170.708CONMEBOL
95  Angola 41344519190161.231UEFA
96  India 51651103850-12161.000AFC
97  U.S. Virgin Islands 51651101847-29161.000CONCACAF
98  Martinique 41851122378-55160.889CONCACAF
99  Suriname 41650112538-13150.938CONCACAF
100  Barbados 4124261620-4141.167CONCACAF
101  Moldova 42542191690-74140.560UEFA
102  Kenya 394141214-2131.444CAF
103  Ethiopia 41333726251120.923CAF
104  Curaçao (2014-)
 Netherlands Antilles (2006[n 4]-2010)
105  Malta 430332417123-106120.400UEFA
106  Bahrain 283231520-5111.375AFC
107  El Salvador 61632112356-33110.688CONCACAF
108  Bolivia 726322126134-118110.423CONMEBOL
109  Congo 2621315114101.667CAF
110  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 41131711110100.909CONCACAF
111  Morocco 613175619-13100.769CAF
112  Cook Islands 4153111863-55100.667OFC
113  Mozambique 253021914591.800CAF
114  Iran 393062431-791.000CAF
115  Solomon Islands 311236827-1990.818OFC
116  Namibia 49225725-1880.889CAF
117  Georgia 31422101152-4180.571UEFA
118  Montenegro 21622122063-4380.500UEFA
119  Tonga 412228558-5380.667OFC
120  Lithuania 41622121082-7280.500UEFA
121  Gabon 26213109171.167CAF
122  United Arab Emirates 15212511-671.400AFC
123  Honduras 4112182233-1170.636CONCACAF
124  Nicaragua 49216728-2170.778CONCACAF
125  Guinea 38215629-2370.875CAF
126  Togo 142021012-261.500CAF
127  Benin 1613246-261.000CAF
128  Lesotho 26204515-1061.000CAF
129  New Caledonia 15203923-1461.200OFC
130  Latvia 310136825-1760.600UEFA
131  Vanuatu 26204426-2261.000OFC
132  Kyrgyzstan 292071040-3060.667AFC
133  Tunisia 2612399050.833CAF
134  Egypt 39126624-1850.556CAF
135  Dominica 411128746-3950.455CONCACAF
136  Cayman Islands 25113610-440.800CONCACAF
137  Tahiti 261141321-840.667OFC
138  Malaysia 14112124-2341.000AFC
139  Palestine 39117641-3540.444AFC
140  Azerbaijan 18116260-5840.500UEFA
141  Samoa 39117877-6940.444OFC
142  Singapore 4151113273-7140.267AFC
143  Lebanon 131021210231.000AFC
144  Uganda 2603337-430.500CAF
145  Burkina Faso 2410339-630.750CAF
146  Gambia 14103310-730.750CAF
147  Rwanda 14103314-1130.750CAF
148  Anguilla 26105322-1930.500CONCACAF
149  Tajikistan 15104323-2030.600AFC
150  Aruba 39108329-2630.333CONCACAF
151  Malawi 1201101-110.500CAF
152  Indonesia 1201104-410.500AFC
153  Central African Republic 2301217-610.333CAF
154  Eritrea 24013816-810.250CAF
155  Sierra Leone 24013315-1210.250CAF
156  Luxembourg 26015429-2510.167UEFA
157  Grenada 39018350-4710.111CONCACAF
158  North Macedonia 21801179142-13310.056UEFA
159  Botswana 24004310-700.000CAF
160  British Virgin Islands 1200218-700.000CONCACAF
161  Djibouti 1100107-700.000CAF
162  Kosovo 13003312-900.000UEFA
163  Andorra 13003013-1300.000UEFA
164  Comoros 11001013-1300.000CAF
165  Bangladesh 13003015-1500.000AFC
166  Libya 12002015-1500.000CAF
167  São Tomé and Príncipe 24004017-1700.000CAF
168  Eswatini (2023-)
Swaziland (1998-2019)
169  Bahamas 13003119-1800.000CONCACAF
170  Maldives 14004020-2000.000AFC
171  Iraq 15005022-2200.000AFC
172  Guadeloupe 13003027-2700.000CONCACAF
173  Turks and Caicos Islands 38008131-3000.000CONCACAF
174  American Samoa 25005035-3500.000OFC
175  Belize 25005240-3800.000CONCACAF
176  Syria 14004038-3800.000AFC
177  Armenia 18008142-4100.000UEFA
178  Kuwait 13003151-5000.000AFC
179  Guam 39009268-6600.000AFC
180  Afghanistan 0000000000.000AFC
181  Burundi 0000000000.000CAF
182  Cyprus 0000000000.000UEFA
183  Guinea-Bissau 0000000000.000CAF
184  Laos 0000000000.000AFC
185  Liberia 0000000000.000CAF
186  Mauritania 0000000000.000CAF
187  Mongolia 0000000000.000AFC
188    Nepal 0000000000.000AFC
189  Niger 0000000000.000CAF
190  South Sudan 0000000000.000CAF
191  Sudan 0000000000.000CAF
192  Turkmenistan 0000000000.000AFC
  1. Teams are ranked by total points, by goal difference, by goals scored, then by alphebetical order of team. Note that this column does not represent any official rankings.
  2. Only qualifying campaigns are counted where the team played at least one match that was not annulled.
  3. The three points for a win system is used.
  4. Games played in 2005 were not recognized by FIFA.

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