Federal Public Service Justice

The FPS Justice (Dutch: FOD Justitie, French: SPF Justice, German: FÖD Justiz), formerly the Ministry of Justice, is a Federal Public Service of Belgium. It was created by Royal Order on May 23, 2001, as part of the plans of the Verhofstadt I Government to modernise the federal administration. The transformation from a Ministry into a Federal Public Service was completed on July 15, 2002.

Dutch-speaking logo of the FPS Justice

The FPS Justice is responsible to the Minister of Justice.


The FPS Justice is currently organised into four Directorates-General:

  • The Directorate-General for Judicial Organisation
  • The Directorate-General for Legislation and Fundamental Rights and Freedoms
  • The Directorate-General for Correctional Facilities
  • The Directorate-General for Justice Houses

Several independent organisations resort under the FPS Justice, such as the Gambling Commission. In addition, the FPS Justice is also responsible for the Belgian Official Journal. The Belgian State Security Service is responsible to the Minister of Justice as well.

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