Federal cities of Russia

A city of federal importance[1][2] (Russian: город федерального значения, tr. gorod federalnogo znacheniya) or federal city in Russia is a city that has a status of both an inhabited locality and a constituent federal subject. There are three federal cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Sevastopol. Two of them are the largest cities in the country: Moscow is the national capital and Saint Petersburg is a previous Russian capital and important port on the Baltic Sea.[3] Sevastopol is the newest federal city, located in the disputed region of Crimea, which was annexed by the Russian Federation in 2014 but is recognised as Ukrainian territory by most of the international community.[4]

Map # Code ISO 3166-2 code Name Flag Coat of arms Federal district Economic region Area (km2)[5] Population (2017 est.)[6]
1 77 RU-MOW Moscow Central Central 2,561.5 12,506,468
2 78 RU-SPE Saint Petersburg Northwestern Northwestern 1,439 5,351,935
3 92 (none) Sevastopol[lower-alpha 1] Southern North Caucasus 864[7] 436,670[7]