Field hockey at the 1928 Summer Olympics

The 1928 Summer Olympics saw the third field Hockey tournament at Olympics. All games took place either in the new Olympisch Stadion or in the nearby Old Stadion. The field hockey tournament was held (together with football) in the first part of this Olympic games. All matches were played between Thursday, May 17 and Saturday, May 26, 1928.[1]

Field hockey
at the Games of the IX Olympiad
VenuesOlympic Stadium
Old Stadion
Dates17 (17)–26 May 1928 (1928-05-26)

The entry rules allowed one team from each country, with 22 players per team. The "Fédération Internationale de Hockey" defined the amateur status as follows: An amateur is one who has never obtained any profit by practicing the sport, neither directly or indirectly. If a player or an official accepts from club, association, or federation an amount exceeding what is strictly necessary for traveling and hotel expenses, such an amount will be regarded as profit.

Only a men's competition occurred that year, and nine nations competed: Czechoslovakia withdrew before the draw.