Fifth European Parliament

The Fifth European Parliament[citation needed] is the fifth five-year term of the elected European Parliament. It began following the June 1999 elections and ended after the June 2004 elections.

5th European Parliament
20 July 1999 – 5 May 2004
President (1st Half)Nicole Fontaine
President (2nd Half)Pat Cox
ElectionsJune 1999

The constitutive session was held on Tuesday 20 July 1999. Nicole Fontaine (EPP-ED, France) was elected as President by absolute majority in the first ballot.[1] As oldest member Mário Soares (PES, Portugal) was also candidate, second-oldest member Giorgio Napolitano opened the session instead.

On 15 January 2002, Pat Cox was elected president for the second half of the term.

1999 election results

European Parliament election, 1999 - Final results at 20 July 1999
Group Description Chaired by MEPs
  EPP-ED Conservatives and Christian Democrats Hans-Gert Pöttering 233
  PES Social Democrats Enrique Barón Crespo 180
  ELDR Liberals and Liberal Democrats Pat Cox 50
  G–EFA Greens and Regionalists Heidi Hautala
Paul Lannoye
  EUL–NGL Communists and the Far left Francis Wurtz 42
  UEN National Conservatives Charles Pasqua 31
  EDD Eurosceptics Jens-Peter Bonde 16
  TGI Mixed Gianfranco Dell'Alba [it]
Francesco Speroni
  NI Independents and Far right none 8 Total: 626 Sources: