Fillmore East

The Fillmore East was rock promoter Bill Graham's rock venue on Second Avenue near East 6th Street in the (at the time) Lower East Side neighborhood, now called the East Village neighborhood of the borough of Manhattan of New York City. It was open from March 8, 1968, to June 27, 1971, and featured some of the biggest acts in rock music at the time. The Fillmore East was a companion to Graham's Fillmore Auditorium, and its successor, the Fillmore West, in San Francisco, Graham's home base.

Fillmore East
The entrance to the Fillmore is now a bank branch.
Former namesCommodore Theater
Village Theater
Location105 Second Avenue
at East 6th Street
Manhattan, New York City
TypeConcert Hall
OpenedMarch 8, 1968
ClosedJune 27, 1971

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