First Peel ministry

Sir Robert Peel's first government succeeded the caretaker ministry of the Duke of Wellington. Peel was also Chancellor of the Exchequer while the Duke of Wellington served as Foreign Secretary. A young William Ewart Gladstone held office as a Junior Lord of the Treasury, his first governmental post in a ministerial career that would span for the next sixty years.

First Peel ministry
Sir Robert Peel
Date formed10 December 1834 (1834-12-10)
Date dissolved8 April 1835 (1835-04-08)
People and organisations
MonarchWilliam IV
Prime MinisterSir Robert Peel
Status in legislatureMinority
Opposition leaders
Outgoing election1835 general election
PredecessorWellington caretaker ministry
SuccessorSecond Melbourne ministry

The Peel ministry was a minority government, and relied on Whig support. However, this the Whigs felt disinclined to give, joining with the Irish radicals to defeat the Conservatives at every turn. After a reign of only four months, the government felt obliged to resign, whereupon the Whig leader Lord Melbourne formed his second government.