Foreign relations of South Ossetia

The Republic of South Ossetia is a self-proclaimed state which is recognized by Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Syria, Nauru, Abkhazia, and Transnistria. South Ossetia declared independence from Georgia in 1991, but did not receive recognition from any UN member states until after the 2008 South Ossetia war. It is the only state recognized by UN Member States that recognizes the Donetsk People's Republic.

Relations with independent states

Foreign relations of South Ossetia
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Abkhazia and South Ossetia recognized each other's independence on 19 September 2005 or before.[note 1]


In July 2019, the South Ossetian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Medoyev said that his country is willing to expand its cooperation with Iran. There are "deep-rooted economic, scientific and cultural ties between Iran and South Ossetian" he added.[1]


In December 2009, Nauru recognized the independence of South Ossetia. Nauru's foreign minister, Kieren Keke, visited Tskhinvali that year.[2][3] In 2012, the South Ossetian Independence Day celebrations were attended by President Sprent Dabwido, who delivered a speech at the ceremony.[4] In 2018, a South Ossetian delegation visited Nauru and the country's foreign ministry appointed a New Zealander as a representative in Nauru.[5]


On September 5, 2008, Nicaragua became the second UN member state to recognize South Ossetia.


On August 26, 2008, Russia became the first UN member state to recognize South Ossetia. Russia plans on building an embassy in Tskhinval.[6]


On May 29, 2018, Syria became the latest UN member state to recognize South Ossetia. On July 22, 2018, during the state visit of President Anatoly Bibilov to Damascus, South Ossetia and Syria have signed an agreement on establishing diplomatic ties.[7][8][9]


South Ossetia and Turkey have no official relations. In 2019, South Ossetia named a representative for Turkey.[10] In 2020, the representative died.[11] Around 50,000 Ossetians live in Turkey.

United States

South Ossetia and the United States have no official relations as the U.S. recognizes South Ossetia as part of the sovereignty of Georgia. Much like with Abkhazia, the U.S.' lack of relations has been a focal point of conflict with Russia.


On September 10, 2009, Venezuela became the third UN member state to recognize South Ossetia.

Relations with rebel groups

The militant Palestinian organization Hamas also welcomed the recognition of both Abkhazia and South Ossetia.[12][13][14]

Diplomatic missions

Offices in South Ossetia

Ossetian missions

Membership in international organizations

South Ossetia does not belong to any international organizations as of March 2009 besides the Community for Democracy and Human Rights.

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