Foreign relations of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a sovereign entity maintaining diplomatic relations with 110 sovereign states, the European Union, the Holy See, and the State of Palestine. Additionally, it has observer status or representation at multiple intergovernmental organisations.[1][2] The Order exchanges ambassadors with the European Union and the State of Palestine, and has non-diplomatic official relations with five more states: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Canada.[1][2]

Embassy of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Foreign relations with the SMOM
  diplomatic relations
  other official relations
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At least five other states maintain no relations with and do not recognize the passports of the Order: Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Greece.[3][4]

Bilateral relations

Diplomatic relations

# Name Diplomatic relations established[5] Region Notes
1 Afghanistan2000Asia
2 Albania1994Europe
3 Angola13 December 2005Africa
4 Antigua and Barbuda10 October 2009Americas
5 Argentina1949Americas
6 Armenia1998Europe
7 Austria1957Europe
8 Bahamas11 November 2008Americas
9 Belarus1996Europe
10 Belize2000Americas
11 Benin1972Africa
12 Bolivia1962Americas
13 Bosnia and Herzegovina1997Europe
14 Brazil1952Americas
15 Bulgaria1994Europe
16 Burkina Faso1973Africa
17 Cambodia1993Asia
18 Cameroon1961Africa
19 Cape Verde1996Africa
20 Central African Republic1981Africa
21 Chad1989Africa
22 Chile1956Americas
23 Colombia1957Americas
24 Comoros1981Africa
25 Congo1992Africa
26 Democratic Republic of Congo1984Africa
27 Costa Rica1958Americas
28 Croatia22 December 1992[6]Europe
29 Cuba1960Americas
30 Cyprus6 June 2012[7]Europe
31 Czech Republic1990Europe
32 Dominican Republic1957Americas
33 Ecuador1954[5]AmericasOn 10 February 2012, President Rafael Correa issued a decree to withdraw recognition and initiate the process of canceling relations,[8] starting from May.[1][5] Later on, the relations restored by President Lenín Moreno on 24 September 2019.[9]
34 Egypt1980Africa
35 El Salvador1951Americas
36 Equatorial Guinea1996Africa
37 Eritrea1999Africa
38 Estonia11 March 2020Europe[10]
39 Ethiopia1970Africa
 European Union1987EuropeAmbassador level relations.[2]
40 Gabon1963Africa
41 Georgia1998Europe
42 Germany15 November 2017EuropeOfficial relations at the level of delegation started in 1956,[5] then Diplomatic relations in 2017.[11]
43 Grenada6 November 2015Americas[12]
44 Guatemala1959Americas
45 Guinea1986Africa
46 Guinea-Bissau1997Africa
47 Guyana1999Americas
48 Haiti1947Americas
49  Holy See1930Europeformerly relations from 1113[5][when?].
50 Honduras1959Americas
51 Hungary1990Europeformerly relations from 1923[5][when?].
52 Italy1956Europeformerly relations from 1884-02-20[5][when?] and from 1935[5][when?].
53 Ivory Coast1972Africa
54 Jordan29 June 2003Asia
55 Kazakhstan1998Asia
56 Kenya14 September 2007Africa
57 Kiribati2002Oceania
58 Latvia1995Europe
59 Lebanon1954Asia
60 Liberia1959Africa
61 Liechtenstein1994Europe
62 Lithuania1997Europe
63 Madagascar1990Africa
64 Mali1986Africa
65 Malta1966Europe
66 Marshall Islands2002Oceania
67 Mauritania1977Africa
68 Mauritius1977Africa
69 Micronesia12 November 1997[13]Oceania
70 Moldova2000Europe
71 Monaco1957EuropeBefore 2009[specify] relations with Monaco were maintained through a diplomatic special mission,[14] but afterwards they were regularized.[1]
72 Montenegro5 September 2006Europe
73 Morocco1986Africa
74 Mozambique1997Africa
75 Namibia2009Africa
76 Nauru5 October 2018Oceania
77 Nicaragua1953Americas
78 Niger1970Africa
79 North Macedonia1996Europe
 PalestineSeptember 2011AsiaAmbassador level relations.[1]
80 Panama1948Americas
81 Paraguay1952Americas
82 Peru1954Americas
83 Philippines1965Asia
84 Poland9 July 1990[15]Europe
85 Portugal1951Europe
86 Romania1992Europe
87 Russia7 August 1992[16]EuropeRelations with the Russian Federation are maintained through a diplomatic special mission.[1]
88 Saint Lucia1999Americas
89 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines1997Americas
90 San Marino1969Europe
91 Sao Tome and Principe1997Africa
92 Senegal1965Africa
93 Serbia2001Europe
94 Seychelles1992Africa
95 Sierra Leone2008Africa
96 Slovakia1990Europe
97 Slovenia1992Europe
98 Somalia1961Africa
99 Spain1937Europe
100 Sudan1993Africa
101 South Sudan14 November 2014Africa[17]
102 Suriname1999Americas
103 Tajikistan2001Asia
104 Thailand1984Asia
105 Timor-Leste18 September 2006Asia
106 Togo1973Africa
107 Turkmenistan30 October 2007Asia
108 Ukraine9 February 2008Europe
109 Uruguay1965Americas
110 Venezuela1970Americas

Official relations

Name Official relations established Region Notes
 Canada4 June 2008Americas
 France1982Europeformerly relations from 1924-08-28[5][when?]. France does not recognise the SMOM as a subject of international law.[18]

Countries without established relations

Countries with which the Order currently has no established relations:

Intergovernmental organizations

The Order of Malta has observer status at the following organizations:[2]

Organization observer since Notes
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization1962[5]
Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations1983[5]
International Atomic Energy Agency1983[5]
United Nations General Assembly24 August 1994[5]
International Fund for Agricultural Development
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
United Nations Environment Programme
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
World Food Programme
World Health Organization

The Order of Malta has delegations or representations to the following organizations:[2]

Organization participates since Notes
Council of Europe1975[5]
International Institute for the Unification of Private Law1984[5]
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization Preparatory Commission
Inter-American Development Bank
International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property
International Committee of Military Medicine
International Committee of the Red Cross
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
International Institute of Humanitarian Law
International Organization for Migration
Latin Union

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