Forest Park Parkway (St. Louis)

Forest Park Parkway is a parkway in St. Louis, Missouri that runs from I-170 in Clayton, Missouri, becomes Forest Park Avenue at Kingshighway Boulevard, and ends at Market and I-64. It is considered an arterial snow route.[2][3] The corridor began life in the 19th century as a heavy rail line used by the Wabash and Rock Island rail systems.[4] The heavy rail line was replaced with streetcars, and later, the Parkway. Before 1959, Forest Park Avenue ran west from the city[where?] and terminated at the eastern edge of Forest Park, at Kingshighway Boulevard.[4] Construction on the route west of Kingshighway to the suburban community of Clayton began in 1959.[4]

Forest Park Parkway
Forest Park Avenue
NamesakeForest Park
LocationClaytonSt. Louis, Missouri
Postal code63105, 63130, 63112, 63108, 63110, 63103[1]
East end I-64 in St. Louis
Brentwood Blvd, S. Hanley Blvd, Forsyth Blvd, Big Bend, Skinker, Clayton Rd, Kingshighway Blvd, DeBalliviere Ave, Lindell / Union Blvd, Vandeventer Ave, S. Grand Blvd, Market Street
West end I-170 in Clayton

Major Intersections

County Location mi km Destination / Intersection Notes
City of St. Louis 0.00 0.00 Market Street / I-64 East Beginning of Forest Park Ave
0.6 0.96 Vandeventer Ave
2.0 3.21 Kingshighway Blvd Western Terminus of Avenue

Beginning of Parkway

2.6 4.18 Lindell / Union Blvd Eastbound / Westbound Exit

Eastbound only entrance

3.2 5.14 DeBaliviere Ave
4.1 6.59 Skinker Blvd
St. Louis County University City 4.8 7.72 Big Bend Blvd
5.2 8.36 Pershing Ave No access for eastbound Parkway Traffic
6.2 9.97 Bemiston Ave Eastbound Entrance / Westbound Exit

Signed as "Clayton Business District"

Clayton 6.3 10.13 Central Ave (Government Center) Westbound Exit Only
6.4 10.29 Brentwood Blvd Eastbound Exit / Westbound Entrance
6.8 10.94 I-170 - St. Louis Lambert International Airport, I-64 Western Terminus


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