French-speaking electoral college

The French-speaking electoral college is one of three constituencies of the European Parliament in Belgium. It currently elects 8 MEPs using the D'Hondt method of party-list proportional representation. It elected 9 MEPs until the 2007 accession of Bulgaria and Romania.

French-speaking electoral college
European Parliament constituency
Location among the current constituencies
Shown within Belgium
Member stateBelgium

Prior to the 1999 elections, electors in the German-speaking community were voting in the French-speaking electoral college, along with the rest of the Walloon region where they are located; they vote now in their own German-speaking electoral college.


The constituency corresponds to the French Community of Belgium. In officially bilingual Brussels, electors can choose between lists of this electoral college or those of the Dutch-speaking electoral college.

Prior to the 2011–2012 state reform, electors could choose between both lists not only in Brussels, but in an area encompassing unilingually Dutch territory, Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde. Some towns in the officially Dutch-speaking Brussels Periphery still have this option however.

Members of the European Parliament

2009 – 2014

2004 – 2009

Election results


Party Affiliation Votes  % Change Seats Change
  Socialist Party (PS) PES 714,947 29.10 6.99 3 1
  Reformist Movement (MR) ELDR 640,092 26.05 1.53 2 1
  Ecolo EGP 562,081 22.88 13.03 2 1
  Humanist Democratic Centre (CDH) EPP 327,824 13.34 1.80 1 0
  National Front (FN) None 87,706 3.57 3.88 0 0
  Workers Party of Belgium+ (PTB) None 28,483 1.16 0.35 0 0
  Others 96,045 3.91 0
Total 2,457,178 100 8 1


PartyVotes %ChangeSeats
Socialist Party (PS) 878,57736.09+10.314+1
Reformist Movement (MR) 671,42227.58+0.5930
Democratic Humanist Centre (CDH) 368,75315.15+1.841+1
Ecologists (Ecolo) 239,6879.84−12.861−2
National Front (FN) 181,3517.45+3.3500
New Belgian Front (FNB) 26,7751.1+0.0300
Rassemblement Wallonie-France (RWF) 23,0900.95N/A0
CDF 19,7180.81N/A0
Workers' Party of Belgium (PTB+) 19,6450.81N/A0
Movement for a Socialist Alternative (MAS) 5,6750.23N/A0
Total2,434,693  9