French First Republic

In the history of France, the First Republic (French: Première République), sometimes referred to in historiography as Revolutionary France, and officially the French Republic (French: République française), was founded on 21 September 1792 during the French Revolution. The First Republic lasted until the declaration of the First Empire on 18 May 1804 under Napoléon Bonaparte, although the form of the government changed several times.

French Republic
République française (French)
Top: Flag
Bottom: Flag
Motto: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité ou la Mort
("Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or Death")
Anthem: Chant de guerre pour l'Armée du Rhin
("War Song for the Army of the Rhine")
The French Republic in 1801, delineating departments
and largest city
Common languages
President of the National Convention 
Jérôme Pétion de Villeneuve (first)
Jean Joseph Victor Génissieu (last)
President of the Directory 
By rotation: 3 months duration
First Consul 
Napoleon I
Council of Ancients (1795–1799)
Historical era
21 September 1792
10 March 1793 – 27 July 1794
27 July 1794
6 September 1795
4 September 1797
18 June 1799
9 November 1799
24 December 1799
27 March 1802
 Napoleonic Wars begin
18 May 1803
 Napoleon proclaimed emperor
18 May 1804
Currencylivre (to 1794), franc, assignat
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of France
Kingdom of Sardinia
Old Swiss Confederacy
Austrian Netherlands
Comtat Venaissin
Duchy of Savoy
Kingdom of France
France in the early modern period
First French Empire

This period was characterized by the downfall and abolition of the French monarchy,[1] the establishment of the National Convention and the Reign of Terror, the Thermidorian Reaction and the founding of the Directory, and, finally, the creation of the Consulate and Napoleon's rise to power.

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