The Frisians are a Germanic ethnic group indigenous to the coastal regions of the Netherlands and northwestern Germany.[6][7][8][9][10] They inhabit an area known as Frisia and are concentrated in the Dutch provinces of Friesland and Groningen and, in Germany, East Frisia and North Frisia (which was a part of Denmark until 1864).[11] The Frisian languages are still spoken by more than 500,000 people; West Frisian is officially recognised in the Netherlands (in Friesland), and North Frisian and Saterland Frisian are recognised as regional languages in Germany.

Friezen (West)
Fresken/Frasche (North)
Interfrisian flags by the Groep fan Auwerk and the Interfrisian Council.[1] Since there is no official All-Frisian flag, these are the flag of the Groep fan Auwerk, claimed to be the Interfrisian flag and the flag of the Interfrisian Council.[2]
Frisians in Frisia
Total population
c. 530,000
Regions with significant populations
 Friesland350,000[3][lower-alpha 1]
 Netherlands (excluding Friesland)120,000[4][lower-alpha 2]
 Germany60,000[5][lower-alpha 3]
Frisian languages
Low Saxon (Friso-Saxon dialects)
Dutch (West Frisian Dutch and Stadsfries)
German (Missingsch)
Danish (Sønderjysk and Southern Schleswig Danish)
Protestant majority (Calvinists and Lutherans)
Roman Catholic minority
Related ethnic groups
Other Germanic peoples
(especially Afrikaners, Dutch, and Germans)