GI (album)

GI, stylized as (GI), is the only studio album by American punk rock band the Germs. Often considered the first full-length hardcore punk album,[2] it was released in the United States in October 1979[8] on Slash Records with catalog number SR 103. The album was later released in Italy in 1982 by Expanded Music with the catalog EX 11. The album's title is an acronym for "Germs Incognito", an alternate name the band used to obtain bookings when their early reputation kept them out of Los Angeles-area clubs. After (GI)'s release, the band would only undertake one more recording session, for the soundtrack album to Al Pacino's 1980 film Cruising. On December 7, 1980, a year after the release of (GI), vocalist Darby Crash killed himself.

Studio album by
the Germs
ReleasedOctober 1979
StudioQuad Teck
GenrePunk rock, hardcore punk[1][2]
41:39 (cassette version)
LabelSlash (SR 103)
ProducerJoan Jett
Germs chronology
Lexicon Devil
What We Do Is Secret
Professional ratings
Review scores
The Rolling Stone Album Guide[6]
Spin Alternative Record Guide9/10[7]

The entire album was included on the 1993 compilation CD (MIA): The Complete Anthology. In 2012, (GI) was reissued on CD with "Caught in My Eye" as a bonus track, after "Shut Down".

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