GRB 080319B

GRB 080319B was a gamma-ray burst (GRB) detected by the Swift satellite at 06:12 UTC on March 19, 2008. The burst set a new record for the farthest object that was observable with the naked eye:[2] it had a peak visual apparent magnitude of 5.7 and remained visible to human eyes for approximately 30 seconds.[3] The magnitude was brighter than 9.0 for approximately 60 seconds.[4] If viewed from 1 AU away, it would have had a peak apparent magnitude of −67.57 (21 quadrillion times brighter than the Sun seen from Earth).

GRB 080319B
The afterglow of GRB 080319B imaged by Swift's X-ray Telescope (left) and Optical/Ultraviolet Telescope (right)
Event typeGamma-ray burst Edit this on Wikidata
DateSwift Burst Alert Telescope (BAT)
March 19, 2008
Duration50 seconds
Right ascension14h 31m 40.98s [1]
Declination+36° 18' 8.8''
Distance7.5 billion light-years (2.3 Gpc)
Progenitor typeUnknown
Colour (B-V)Unknown
Peak apparent magnitude5.3
Other designationsGRB 080319B
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