Gaius Cornelius Gallicanus

Gaius Cornelius Gallicanus was a Roman soldier of the equestrian class whom Vespasian adlected into the Roman senate for his loyalty during the Year of the Four Emperors.[1]

Following his adlectio, Gallicanus was governor of Baetica in AD 79/80,[2] and shortly afterwards of Gallia Lugdunensis, succeeding Titus Tettienus Serenus in 80, until 83.[3] He was appointed suffect consul for the nundinium of September-October 84 with Gaius Tullius Capito Pomponianus Plotius Firmus as his colleague.[4] The pinnacle of his career was as proconsul of Africa for the period 98/99.[5] Upon return to Italy, he was appointed curator of the alimenta for Veleia, a program that provided public funds to care for poor children in Central Italy.[6]