Galicians (Galician: galegos, Spanish: gallegos) are a Romance[9] ethnic group, closely related to the Portuguese people,[10] and whose historic homeland is Galicia, in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula.[11] Two Romance languages are widely spoken and official in Galicia: the native Galician and Spanish.[12]

Galician bagpipers
Total population
c. 3.2 million[1]
Regions with significant populations
           Galicia 2,397,613[2][3]
          Province of A Coruña991,588[2][3]
          Province of Pontevedra833,205[2][3]
          Province of Lugo300,419[2][3]
          Province of Ourense272,401[2][3]
 Spain (excluding Galicia)355,063[2][3]
 United States14,172[4]
 United Kingdom10,755[4]
Galicians inscribed in the electoral census and living abroad combined (2013)414,650[4]
Galician (native), Spanish (as a result of immigration or language shift)
Roman Catholicism,[6] and Protestantism
Related ethnic groups
Portuguese, Spaniards, Celtic nations,[7][8] Romance peoples