The Garigliano (Italian pronunciation: [ɡariʎʎano]) is a river in central Italy.

The Garigliano near its mouth
Physical characteristics
  locationnear Cassino (FR)
  elevationc. 130 m (430 ft)
MouthTyrrhenian Sea
near Minturno
41.2229°N 13.7617°E / 41.2229; 13.7617
0 m (0 ft)
Length38 km (24 mi) (158 km or 98 mi including the Liri)
Basin size5,020 km2 (1,940 sq mi)
  average120 m3/s (4,200 cu ft/s)

It forms at the confluence of the rivers Gari (also known as the Rapido) and Liri. Garigliano is actually a deformation of "Gari-Lirano" (which in Italian means something like "Gari from the Liri"). In ancient times the whole course of the Liri and Garigliano was known as the Liris.

For the most part of its 40 km (25 mi) length, the Garigliano River marks the border between the Italian regions of Lazio and Campania. In medieval times, the river (then known as the Verde) marked the southern border of the Papal States.